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A strong determination for quality improvement in guiding and strengthening the health and well being of the Piapot First Nation Community with competence and honor for future generations.


Ira Lavallee  | Chief Departments: Governance, Finance, Administration, & Communication, Education & Employment(Daycare,  Headstart, Payepot School & Post Sec), Urban.   Jeremy Fourhorns | Councillor Departments:Business Development (includes Cree Land Mini-Mart Ltd.), Economic Development   Vern Anaskan | Councillor


Chief Piapot (Payepot) became chief, in about 1846. After this last battle Piapot made his home in the Qu’Appelle Valley. In 1874, when Treaty 4 was negotiated, Piapot was not present: he was away hunting, and as a result did


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