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The NCBR provides community-based support and services for low-income families. AANDC’s NCBR is the on-reserve counterpart to reinvestment projects and programming. There are five activity areas for the NCBR on-reserve: childcare; child nutrition; support for parents; home-to-work transition; and cultural enrichment. The expected outcomes include a reduction in the effect of child poverty and decreased barriers for parents/guardians to become or remain attached to the workforce.

The intent and overall purpose of the National Child Benefit Reinvestment (NCBR) initiative is to assist low-income families on-reserve in transitioning from Income Assistance to paid employment while addressing the root causes of child poverty. Additionally, this initiative seeks to reduce the Income Assistance dependency of families with children and single parent families. Targeted investments through the various activity areas of NCBR will support the advancement of low-income families to contributing members of the labour market.

Some of the program investments for this past year along with: childcare, child nutrition, support for parents was the home to work transition which provided the following;

Certified Heavy Equipment
Certified Driver Training
Certified 1A Trucking
Certified Service Best
ABE Upgrading
Work/Life Essential Skills
Certified Safety Training
Certified Security Training
Employment Support