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The purpose of the income assistance program is to provide financial assistance to any eligible individual or family unit who RESIDES ON-RESERVE and can clearly demonstrate he/she is unable to meet his/her needs for Food, Shelter, Personal, and Other items essential to his/her health and well-being.

Every individual has the right to apply for income assistance (IA) and to request a written decision concerning his/her eligibility. Every individual who applies for federally-funded Income Assistance must meet conditions of eligibility in order to qualify for benefits.

The essential Elements of a Client’s file are as follows but are not limited to:

  1. Application
  2. Budget and Decision
  3. Three (3) forms of Identification (Current and up-to-date)
  4. Referral form ( Band Referral or Ministry of Social Services)
  5. Housing Form Lease Agreement for CMHC Units/Band Units
  6. Record Of Employment ( if applicable)
  7. Case Manager Referral and Rubric for Active Measures Clients (manditory for 18-24 year olds)
  8. Medical Form (if required)
  9. Authorization to exchange/obtain/release Information

Basic Needs

Allowances may be provided to eligible adults for items essential to meet minimum living requirements. Items essential to meet minimal living requirements include:

    • Food (including meals purchased away from home);
    • Personal and clothing requirements;
    • Travel;
    •  Household needs;
    • Accommodations such as shelter, utilities, or residential facilities (ie: group homes, approved private-service homes)

Special Needs

An individual must be eligible for Federally-funded Income Assistance in order to qualify for Special Needs Allowances. Some Special Need Allowances may be required on a single issuance or on a recurring basis.

Eligibility Criteria: The following should be considered in assessing a Client’s Special Needs Requests:

    •  Alternative ways of meeting the need;
    • Availability of funding from other programs and services; and
    • Income surplus to basic requirements of the individual or family during recent months.

Special Needs Documentation

    • Description of the special need;
    • Reason for request;
    •  Eligibility criteria; and
    •  Resources and alternatives explored.


  1. Notify the Income Assistance Administrator of change in circumstances such as; employment, training, etc.
  2. Notify the Income Assistance Administrator for changes such as; address, telephone number, change in number of dependants, etc.