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Band Governance

Chief and Council is pursuing to develop and strengthen the governance and administration structure of the Piapot First Nation.  A series of on and off reserve community meetings were held in 2013 to gather feedback on ways to improve Piapot’s current governance structure.  Draft governance documents developed and presented for community input included Piapot First Nation Constitution, Piapot First Nation E-Commerce Law and Piapot First Nation Election Act.

The final step for these governance documents to come into effect is to be ratified by the Piapot First Nation Band Membership. The two (2) documents ready to be voted on by the membership are Piapot First Nation Constitution and Piapot First Nation E-Commerce Law.  Community information meetings will be scheduled in early 2014 to explain the ratification voting process for these documents to come into force and will be regularly updated for your view on website.

Please take note the draft Piapot First Nation Election Act is not finalized for the ratification process until it has completed further internal processes, further information for this document to follow and to be posted on website.

All documents can be viewed in PDF format by clicking below.

At this time, we ask for your assistance to provide your current mailing address, please contact our Indian Registry Clerk, Prairie Crowe, at 306-781-4848 to update.

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