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Housing consists of Band Units and CMHC Section 95 Units with an on reserve population of 645. Based on the annual report of 2012 it indicates that Piapot has 162 single family units on reserve. Out of the 162 units 72 require major renovations and 32 require minor renovations. There are 89 applications on file and it continues to grow. The applications are from people on reserve as well as families who live off reserve who want to move back to the reserve. There are several factors that affect future housing needs, some of which are:

  • Overcrowding
  • Need for replacement housing ( old houses/units)
  • Family expansion
  • Families desire to back to the reserve (the result is a long waiting list)

Piapot has been under third part management for 13 years prior to the transition to an approved Management Action Plan by Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada.  Being in third party management prevented Piapot to build any new homes.  During this time period families continued to grow and there was no housing. The end result is overcrowding and families had to live away from their home community. Now that Piapot is out of third party management the Band now qualifies for a Ministerial Guarantee through Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada. A Ministerial Guarantee is required to secure a loan from a lending institution for the Band to build new homes.

The housing department has limited financial resources to build new homes and do any major renovations. When a major renovation is completed on 2-3 homes it devours the much needed funds, hence, no money no more renovations.

Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) is another lending institution that guarantees a loan providing a Band is not in third part or has equity. The requirements for new housing through CMHC program is as follow:

  • The Band must have agreements with each head occupant which is done on a yearly basis.
  • The Band must collect rent on a monthly basis.
  • The Band must replenish the replacement reserve account (this is to do repairs or replace any appliances).

It is critical to collect rent due to the following:

  • Loan payments must be paid on a monthly basis.
  • Housing Insurance must be paid on all CMHC Units.
  • Audit fees have to be paid on a yearly basis.
  • Regular housing maintenance can be performed on a need be basis.

Band members can pick up information from the Band Office regarding how one can make application for a house, renovation or how rent is determined on a CMHC Unit/House.


Piapot has a water plant that provides good quality water to the school, health, Band Office, Band Hall and the Core area homes. The water treatment plant includes an electric fire pump with a backup generator, two distribution pumps connected to a distribution main and an electric pump for the water truck fill.  The Water Treatment Plant was originally constructed in 1981 with upgrades in 1994, 2001 and a major upgrade and expansion in 2008 to 2011.  There are two water haulers who deliver water to other residents who are not hooked up to the water treatment plant.

Water Treatment staff are qualified and have special training to do the job that they do.

The Water Haulers: Gerry Francis & David Kaiswatum


Roads are inspected on a three year schedule which is managed through FHQ Tribal Council. Based on the last report Piapot roads were considered adequate. However this can change quickly due to rain, snow and regular use.  The Roads Maintenance crew run a grader, skid steer, tractor lawnmower and gravel truck. The road crew must be able to run all heavy equipment to be able to do their job. All Road maintenance crew must be certified which means they have the qualifications to run the machine and fix any minor repairs and regular maintenance.

Roads staff:

Grader Operator: Position currently being advertised (On-call Calvin Kaiswatum and Darcy Sugar when required).